Operation Compass aims to combat ex-ADF suicide through eight evidence-based strategies (directions) developed with the support of the Black Dog Institute– Australia’s leading authority on suicide prevention.

The strategies:


  1. Communicate, educate, participate and build a safety net to respond to suicidality

  2. Strengthen resilience in ex-ADF members, families and carers

  3. Empower help-seeking behaviours

  4. Ex-ADF aware emergency response

  5. Supportive and informed medical response

  6. Health services providing the best treatment

  7. Ex-ADF connected crisis care and follow up services

  8. Improving safety in Townsville


These strategic approaches to suicide prevention and the enhancement of well-being are being delivered by the Operation Compass team through six targeted campaigns.


Each of the campaigns are led by local expert teams, and are aligned to the directions supported by the Black Dog Institute.


Each Campaign is designed to implement best-practice, data and evidence-based programs in order to achieve prevention through connection in the ex-ADF community.

A Mentally Healthier World

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