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Legacy Patron, Retired 3 Star Lieutenant General, Townsville Defence Reference Group

John Caligari

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Ex-service person, Veterans off the Streets, RSL, Townsville Defence Reference Group

Lynne (Floss) Foster OAM

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Defence Families Australia NQ Delegate

Chandell Derham

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Regional Director, VVCS Northern Queensland

Dr Melody Fudge

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Acting Manager
DVA On Base Advisory Service QLD

Susan Ferguson

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NQPHN Executive Director

Therese Cotter

NQPHN Director of Mental Health

Gillian Yearsley

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Regional Chaplain Lavarack Barracks-3 Brigade, Townsville Defence Reference Group

Padre Stephen Brooks

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Chief Superintendent QPS

Kevin Guteridge

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Consultant Psychiatrist and Director of Medical Services, Townsville Private Clinic

Dr Jane Hay

THHS Service Group Director Mental Health Service Group

Michael Catt

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Manager - Selectability, Townsville Suicide Prevention

Mr Adriel Burley


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NQPHN Ex-ADF Suicide Prevention Project Manager

Ray Martin

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NQPHN Ex-ADF Suicide Prevention Project Officer

Leith Milton

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NQPHN Ex-ADF Suicide Prevention Project Officer

Susie Walker

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Operation Compass is a Commonwealth trial through the Northern Australia Primary HealthCare Network.
Operation Compass acknowledges the Traditional Owners and custodians of the land we live and work on.