The OASIS Townsville is a separate, but intricately linked project to Operation Compass, and has been in development for the ADF community in Townsville since 2016.


The concept and mission of The OASIS Townsville is to establish an appropriately sized and located facility within Townsville as a services referral hub for serving and ex-ADF members and their families, enabling them to:


  • Transition into the Townsville community

  • Improve their general health and wellbeing

  • Enrich their lives by helping them connect with peers and services

  • Enhance their integration into the Townsville community, with purpose and meaning.


The OASIS Townsville is working with Operation Compass in ensuring


  • The learnings from Operation Compass are shared and its successful programs sustained.

  • The insights gained from Operation Compass will flow directly into long term improvements in local support services for veterans.


This will help better coordinate local responses to issues impacting our ex-service men and women, including unemployment, social isolation, mental health domestic violence and homelessness.

It is intended that the learnings and outcomes of Operation Compass will be carried on through organisations such as The OASIS Townsville , on completion of the project in June 2019.


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