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Ex-serving men under 30 have a suicide rate 2.2 times higher than Australian men of the same age. Ex-serving men and women are particularly at risk during the 12-month period post transition from the ADF.

 The Defence Community in Townsville (serving, ex-serving and families) makes up about 20% of our community. While most are doing well, some are having a tough time. 

We challenge you to check five mates. Those who are going well, challenge them to check five more mates. Those who may not be travelling well, encourage and support to seek help. 





CONNECT to others 

Make the time to meet “Let’s catch up for a coffee or beer!” “Let’s go fishing or for a run” 

 YARN to listen 

Listen; don’t judge “What’s been happening?” “How have you been travelling?” 

MOTIVATE to act 

Encourage action and offer support “I can take you to get some more help” “Let’s chat again in a week” 

 “One call or connection at a tough time can change a life …. It saved mine.”




On Sunday 9 December we held our official #CheckYourMates campaign launch at the Strand, Townsville. Our Chair, Lieutenant General John Caligari, (retired) launched the campaign to an audience of veterans, Defence members, health care professionals, local leaders and members of the Townsville community.

#CheckYourMates Resources



#CheckYourMates ​Poster

We encourage you to download these resources for display at you workplace, organisation or community centre. 

#CheckYourMates ​Flyer

If you, or someone you know needs help,

In an emergency, call 000

Or outside of an emergency, you can contact this 24-hour services. 

Open Arms


NQ Connect

Kids Help Line

This project is a trial and we would appreciate your feedback. 

If you have any feedback, thoughts or comments on Operation Compass or #CheckYourMates please fill out the form below.

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