The Community Response Campaign is designed to encourage and support ex-ADF members, their families and the wider community to discuss, trial and conduct events and activities that intend to improve the well-being and health of the wider defence community. Enhancing the current community level response is anticipated to support and/or streamline the connection of individuals and/or their families to community support. It is envisaged that the best ideas will come from ex-ADF members and families themselves.

Information/ideas identified through this process will assist in reducing gaps in services and in creating support services for ex-ADF members in their transition, connection and adaption to life in Townsville with purpose and meaning (well-being).


How will it happen?


1) VVCS-led Peer Network

  • Trial the establishment and coordination of a Veterans & Veterans Families Counselling Service (VVCS) led Peer Network in the Townsville region with a specific focus on the current and ex-serving ADF community.


2) Collaborative engagement of VVCS with Townsville Suicide Prevention Network (TSPN)

  • A collaborative engagement of VVCS with the TSPN to support the inclusion of defence related information in training and resources for Emergency Service providers.