The Clinical Support Campaign focuses on encouraging and supporting ex-ADF members and their families, and the wider community, to discuss, trial and conduct events and activities that are aimed at improving the wellbeing and health of the wider defence community.


It is a ‘Connect to Well-Being’ initiative with a focus on events and approaches that improve and support ex-ADF members in their transition, connection and adaption to life in Townsville with purpose and meaning (well-being). It is envisaged that the most effective ideas will come from ex-ADF members and their families themselves. It is envisaged the outcomes will not just focus on Townsville, but throughout the North Queensland region through the footprint of the Northern Primary Health Care Network (NPHCN).


How will it happen?

1) GP Response, GP Support

  • Request for proposals (RFP) sought to improve the effectiveness, efficiency and equity of access to after-hours primary care services across the Northern Primary Health Care Network (NPHCN) footprint, with a focus on increasing access to mental health and suicide prevention services to veterans and their families.


  • The Early Intervention - low intensity digital contract developed to support the targeting of focused services to veterans and their families.


  • Roll-out of the Connect to Well-Being Program through Neami National (stepped care) which also has a target population inclusive of veterans and their families.

2) After Hours Response

  • Establishment of an after-hours response for people with emergent mental health and AOD (alcohol and other drugs) needs.